About Us


Ana Maria is a Community Advocate/Visual artist with a profound passion in Indigenous Affairs. Ana also has a a degree in Political Science, in which she specialised in research around Indigenous connections to land and environmental sustainability.

She is the founder of Mami Watta Collections, where she trades with a group of artisans from the Embera Chami tribe in Colombia who have been regionally displaced as a consequence of the armed conflict in the country.

Through Mami Watta Collections she supports the sustainable development of the artisans and showcases the technical and ancestral artisanship of their beadworks. Ana calls upon the spiritual and creative powers of women, brining her own artistic touch to her collections.

She is proud to run a project connected to her cultural roots, having established a strong link with Indigenous communities in her country of birth, Colombia.



Mami Watta- The Tidal Waves Collection 

MAMI- translates to mother, calls upon the cosmological belief that many Indigenous and First Nation cultures share that the land is our mother. 

WATTA- or water, is the element of life which connects all the continents and cultures. 

MAMI WATTA is also a totem figure in African cultures and other cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean otherwise known as Yemanjá, who is believed to be a powerful woman-water-spirit who is a protector of the people. Mami Watta is the inspiration behind our collections, representative of the water that unites worlds and cultures. 

The Tidal Waves collection is inspired by the color tones of water reflecting the strong reference to the strong female force of water. The natural element of water is the life blood for the Embera Chami tribe, with many ceremonies and dances celebrating bodies of water and blessing their fishing traditions.