About Us

Ana Maria is a commited artivist with a profound passion in Indigenous Affairs. Ana also has a a degree in Political Science, in which she specialised in research around Indigenous connections to land and environmental sustainability.

She is the founder of Mami Watta Collections, where she trades with groups of artisans from across the globe, establishing long-lasting connections with families to support their craft-making and provide them with tools to help them to continue to protect their precious cultures. 

Through Mami Watta Collections she supports the sustainable development of the artisans and showcases the technical and ancestral artisanship of the crafts. Ana co-designs the works, and works on a collection at a time, to join tribes based on common visions.  


Mami Watta presents: TheTropicalia Collection

Our new Tropicalia collection is inspired by the music/art movement in Brazil that occurred in 1960-1968 with the amalgamation of Brazilian genres joining the popular and the avant-garde. It was the first time in Brazilian history that the traditional was fusioned with foreign tradition and styles. This wave comes from Salvador Bahia, a place of great significance for the founder. 

Tropicalia is a beautiful analogy for what Mami Watta is, an artistic movement that joins traditional arts with the modern world, producing unique styles of jewelry and accessories that represent the artisanship and hardwork of Indigenous artists.

In this collection we are working with two Indigenous nations within Colombia, (Embera and the Wayùu), and we have connected both to Australia's Aboriginal culture. Tropicalia is fruity, tropical in colour, and vibrant. 

Meaning behind Mami Watta- translates to mother, calls upon the cosmological belief that many Indigenous and First Nation cultures share that the land is our mother. Watta- or water, is the element of life which connects all the continents and cultures. 

Mami Watta is also a totem figure in African cultures and other cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean otherwise known as Yemanjá, who is believed to be a powerful woman-water-spirit who is a protector of the people. Mami Watta is the inspiration behind our collections, representative of the water that unites worlds and cultures.