Musical Beads

                          (photo by Simeon John)

Oroana is the founder of Mami Watta Collections and she strives to create bridges between the ancestral world of beading and contemporary music/art worlds. Many of our brand ambassadors are successful and globally renowned musicians who she connects with in her career as a DJ. More and more artists are choosing to wear beading to compliment their performance attires for the big stage. Our beadworks are powerful amulets that speaks of the sacred act of creativity. 

If you are an artist and want to custom make your own piece, or if you want Oroana as a DJ in your next event. Please let us know on

We are also supporting Embera artists in the music. As with our latest funding of Mípitakírû by Oroana ft. Lid Boy Latino (Embera musical artist). We have this crowdfunding page going, to support Lid Boy Latino to continue his musical career, speaking of his Indigenous identity and original creations.