Cosmic Delight

Cosmic Delight

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Living constantly between one reality to the next, able to flip context, time and space at the power of one click ~ but please don't forget the power of our ancestors, the old wisest ways. 

Mami Watta Collections is an artistic movement reconnecting with traditional knowledge, producing unique styles of jewelry and accessories that support the artisanship and hard work of our Indigenous artists.

This wearable artwork has been produced by artisans from the Embera Chami tribe of Colombia. It carries hours of work, calculation and imagination. Through the beadworks we can see a lot of references to colours from the natural environment and the Embera Cosmovision.


** ALL PIECES CAN BE REMADE WITH A WAIT PERIOD OF 3-4 WEEKS. If you love this piece, we encourage you to commission your piece! Our artisans are ready to get working on your piece. Simply contact us via de Contact Form tab or on our email: